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Long-distance hike "Lo Camin d'Olt"

Panonceau Lo Camin d'Olt

This two loops circuit

marked in yellow and red by the CDRP (regional committee of hiking),

  • to do in 5 or 6 days,
  • with possible meals and accommodation for each halt.

will enable you to discover the Lot Valley and the Gorges of the Truyère.
By wandering the steep slopes, where the chestnut tree is very present, and the well-orientated steeps which welcome the vineyards and pastures, you will discover a diversified landscape sheltering numerous villages.

Couverture du Topo guide Lo Camin d'Olt
Couverture du Topo guide Lo Camin d'Olt
  • N°1 : Vallée du Lot, 55 km (2 or 3 days) :
    Entraygues - Golinhac
    Espeyrac - Vieillevie
    Le Fel - Entraygues.
  • N°2 : Gorges de la Truyère, 62 km (3 days) :
    Entraygues - Couesques
    St Hippolyte - Gorges de la Truyère (Valon)
    Campouriez - Entraygues.
  • + 10 PR (short walks)
    starting from our villages
    Entraygues : n°8 and 10
    Espeyrac : n°11 and 12
    Le Fel : n° 14 and 15
    Golinhac : n° 16, 17 a,nd 18
    St Hippolyte : n°20 and 24

    Walking guide F.F.R.P. n° 1200 : 9,90 €

The GR465 "from the Monts du Cantal to the Vallée du Lot"

Confluence of the Lot and the Truyère
Confluence of the Lot and The Truyère

This itinerant path GR®465, accredited FFRP (French Federation of Hiking) links the GR®400 to the GR®65. This historical route, took by Clunisiens monks, starts from Murat-Bredon-Albepierre in the Cantal, passes by le Plomb du Cantal, then crosses over les Hautes Terres d'Aveyron of Mur-de-Barrez to Entraygues-sur-Truyère, before leading to Conques. This route of about 175km offers two path options when arriving to the Goul: either by going through Entraygues, the Lot Valley, Vieillevie, Grand-Vabre and a route through the Montsalvy region, Cassaniouze and Grand-Vabre. The GR®465 offers magnificent landscapes and a remarkable heritage.

More information at the Tourist Office and Walking guide sold 12.90€

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