Short or long walks

Discover our beautiful region by taking our shorter or longer hikes, one or several tracks. More than 250 km of circular walks, signposted by the ONF, the local authorities, CDRP and volunteers.
General map available at the Tourist Office

Short Walks

Map IGN (OS, Ordnance Survey) N° : 2337 East, 2338 East, 2437 West, 2438 West
1 circuit (map + description) = 0,50 € available at the Tourist Office


Entraygues :

  • N°1 : 6 km : The "Del Rieu" Country House
    Pleasant route on the left bank of the Truyère.   
  • N°2 : 6 km : Condat (unavailable)
  • N°3 : 7,8 km : Up on the Montcausson circuit
    On the right bank of the Lot, looking south, you will enjoy many viewpoints, as well as the hamlet itself with its remarkable restored houses.
  • N°4 : 7 km : The Fonfrège / Soulouze circuit
    Try this pleasant itinerary on the left bank of the Lot for numerous viewpoints of the valley and Entraygues and for geological (quartz and uranium) interest.
  • N°5 : 6 km : The Pargues / Regaud circuit
    A ramble, up on the right bank of the Truyère, with lovely views of the Entraygues Valley.
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  • N°6 : 6 ou 7 km : The Banroques / Marmaton circuit
    For lovely viewpoints especially of the Château d'Entraygues and the two valleys, from the Belvedere.
  • N°7 : 18 km : Puy de Montabès (unavailable)
  • N°8 : 12,5 km : The Banks de Ginolhac
    Within or outside the forest there are magnificent contrasting viewpoints that look out on the Truyère and Goul Valleys and the surrounding plateau as far as the mountains of Cantal.
  • N°9 : 14 km : The Battédou / Carriols / Soulouze circuit
    Shady on the way out, with an overview of Entraygues coming back. Mineral interest.
  • N°10 : 12 km : The Lot Valley Slopes
    At the confluence of changeable rivers, the Lot and the Truyère, the pretty town of Entraygues is set beneath forested slopes, vineyards and heath.
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Espeyrac :

  • N°11 : 4.5 km : At the Confluence of Three Streams / St Bauzels 
    Tucked away, as in a green jewel box, the village of Espeyrac invites us to pause on the Saint Jacques pilgrim's way.
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  • N°12 : 7,5 km :The Vale of Espeyrac / La Portonnerie
    With this very pleasant ramble up to the plateau you will enjoy magnificent viewpoints over the Lot and Daze Valleys.
  • N°13 : 4 km : Falguières
    Walking loop around Espeyrac with a return on the village by undergrowth.
Le Fel
Le Fel

Le Fel :

  • N°14 : 5,6 km : At the heart of the Fel vineyard / Le Font de la Coste
    What the hiker will see here: the nice village of Fel, vineyards, woods, pastures, steep slopes and the wild valley of the Lot.
  • N°14 bis : 4,5 km (start from the Mas) ou 6 km (start from Le Fel): Le Ruisseau de Portès
    Part of "Nature Getaways Midi Pyrénées", this circuit can cross meadows, woods, heaths on rock outcrops... Beautiful views over the Lot Valley.
  • N°15 : 8,5 km : The Village of Crestes / La Borie du Cayron
    Following the ridge that overlooks the Lot Valley, we shall come to Crestes, a hamlet beyond this world at the end of this magnificent walk.
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Golinhac :

  • N°16 : 9,5 km : Vernhettes Castle
    From the 400m extent of the Golinhac plateau you will look down on the Lot gorges and see, beyond, landscapes of medium-range mountains.
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  • N°17  et 18 : 4,5 km et 5 km : The Hamlet of Battédou
    This ramble, on the rim of the plateau over the wild gorges of the Lot, leads to the genuine old hamlet of Battédou.
  •  N°18 bis : 6,4 km : Le Maihol : Starting from Battédou.
Saint Hippolyte
Saint Hippolyte

St Hippolyte :

  • N°19 : 10 km : The Mont-Saint Marc
    Pleasant track, quite easy to enjoy the Cantal mountains and through the chestnut trees.
  • N°24 : 11,5 km : The Seyrolles Forest
    This is a very pleasant walk in the heart of a beautiful forest of firs and chestnuts in a landscape of mid-range mountains with deep ravines and gushy torrents.
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Pons :

  • N°21 : 4 km : Plagnoles
    Pleasant route around Pons passing through the old vineyards. To discover the architecture of the village of Pons, its bell tower and sundial and the village of Plagnoles.

  • N°22 : 12 km : Las Carrières / Les Lignes
    Circuit with a beautiful view of the Truyere and the Monts du Cantal.

Couesques :

  • N°20 : 11 km (by going through the small country road) or 14 km (by following the Camin d'Olt) : The Couesques Catchment
    On this ramble overlooking Lake Couesques you will find a timeless and unspoiled nature and habitat.
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Rouens :

  • N°23 : 7 km : Falguière Redonde
    Beautiful route dominated by the Truyere (belvedere landscape) and passing through a career of Lauzes. View on the castle of Valon from the hamlet of la Fargues.
Autre village
Autre village
Autre village
Autre village

Florentin :

  • N°25 : 6 km : L'Amarou
    Florentin takes its name from the flowers which are numerous in this village overlooking the Lot Valley. 
  • N°25 Bis : 4 ou 8.5km : La Capelle

Banhars :

  • N°26 : 4 km : Les Vernhes
    Pleasant route, with a magnificent viewpoint over the Truyère, leading to the castle of Candèze (private property) and giving a beautiful view of the village Entraygues.

Campouriez :

  • N°27 : 10 km : Le Fajol
    Beautiful route offering a splendid view of the lake and dam of Couesques and enabling to walk through the vineyards.

Bez-Bédène :

  • N°28 : 6 km : Mountain Jean Frond
    A really nice walk to discover a magnificent and wild site, going around the peninsula, the gorges of la Selve, the dolmen on the mound of the peninsula and the viewpoint (calvary) enabling to admire the countryside and the very pretty site of Bez-Bédène.
  • N°29 : 12 km : Bez-Bédène / Dam of Maury
    Starting from the site of Bez-Bédène passing on the dam of Maury, this walk offers varied and different panoramas.

Waterfall of Saut du chien :

  • N°30 : 6 km : Starting from Monnès after Montézic
    A waterfall and rock shaped as a dog head are the purpose of this walk which will make you discover a wonderful landscape. 

Valon :

  • N°31 : 14 km : The Castle of Valon
    From the picturesque village of Valon perched on a rocky spur, an exceptional hike offering stunning views of the gorges of the Truyère and the lake of Couesques.
  • N°32: 4 ou 6 km : Valon / The Stream of Alcuéjoul
    A short but quite exceptional walk following the slopes of a wild valley where, at the end, an impetuous stream hurtles down with the castle of Valon as "guardian angel".

Mourjou :

  • N°33 : 3km : Trésor du Haut Célé
    Nice walk enabling to discover the gorges of Haut Célé through the variety of environments and the diversity of the vegetation.

Festival de la Randonnée Pleine Nature

from 15th July to 25th August

In the North Aveyron
20th occasion in 2018
A made to measure program for families, friends, with activities for everybody, adults and children : walking, horse riding, mountain bike, canoeing, geomorphology, botany, rope tree climbing, fishing, mountain scooter, canyoning, orienteering...
Activities in the Canton of Entraygues : more information at the Tourist Office from June or see "All events"

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